'From all comparative material the conclusion emerges that societies
where non-aggression is conspicuous have social orders in which the
individual by the same act and at the same time serves his own
advantage and that of the group…not because people are unselfish and
put social obligations above personal desires, but when social
arrangements make these identical.’ Ruth Benedict

'The age old opposition between heart and head… was seen to
disappear where they became synergic rather than antagonistic… the
dichotomy between selfishness and unselfishness disappears…. Our
subjects are simultaneously very spiritual, and very pagan and
sensual. Duty cannot be contrasted with pleasure nor work with play
when duty IS pleasure… similar findings have been reached for
kindness-ruthlessness, concreteness-abstractness,
acceptance-rebellion, self-society, adjustment-maladjustment…
serious-humorous, Dionysian-Appollonian, introverted-extraverted,
intense-casual… mystic-realistic, active- passive,
masculine-feminine, lust-love, … all coalesce into an organismic
unity and into a non-artistotolean interpenetration… and a thousand
serious philosophical dilemmas are discovered to have more than two
horns, or paradoxically, no horns at all’. - Abraham Maslow